Fordingbridge residents asked to share views on future of Christmas lights

RESIDENTS have been asked to share their views on the future of Christmas lights in Fordingbridge, which were blasted for being “daft” and an “embarrassment”.

The festive light display in the town was discussed during the annual town assembly held by Fordingbridge Town Council on June 1.

The meeting heard that currently it costs £16,000 and there was a year left to run on the contract, which was agreed back in 2020. 

It was also heard that the council had received feedback about the size of the lights and that discussions had been held as to whether they could be enhanced this year.

One resident described the appearance of last year’s display as “daft” and that the lights in the middle of the town were an “embarrassment”.

“It was an embarrassment in the middle of the town to be honest,” said the resident.

The size of the lights were also said to be “the butt of everyone’s jokes” on Facebook.

The Merry Christmas sign on the town hall was also described as “tacky” and residents said half of the lights did not work.

Another resident questioned why some areas of the town were not decorated and that “nothing goes up” at the top end of the town where the post office is but was told this was due to increased legislation around Christmas lights. 

In terms of the outage of some of the lights, the meeting heard the contractor had been hit by staff absences due to Covid and there had also been issues with the power supply from other buildings. 

Another member of the public highlighted a display of light bulbs going up through the town in Wickham, which she said looked “absolutely stunning” but did raise concerns that they could become a target for kids throwing stones at them.

The town council was keen to hear from residents about what they wanted in regards to Christmas lights and alternatives that could be looked. One possibility suggested was that there could be a reduced scheme and part of the money spent on lights could go towards other things in the town.

Mayor, Cllr Anna Wilson suggested a meeting could be held later in the year to discuss the Christmas lights further.

She added that “there is quite a bit of time” for people to share their views on the Christmas lights and these would be considered by the town council. 


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