Friday The 13th: Santa Claus vs The Dark Leprechaun

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Friday, June 13th, 1913

Santa Claus was browsing some quaint toy shops on Friday, June 13, 1913, in London, England. He was looking for new gift ideas as Christmas In July was at hand.  One particular store caught his enchanted eyes because it had Christmas decor. Truly the owner of this fine establishment has The Spirit Of Christmas in his heart all year round! At that moment Santa sensed a dark presence was afoot. He strolled inside to find nobody manning the empty shop. Santa cautiously entered an area behind the counter as the specter of bad luck hung heavy in the air. He could hear muffled voices as he peered around the corner. There he saw the store owner talking to what appeared to be a little Leprechaun sitting on the counter next to him. The little fella was absolutely adorable as his soothing Irish voice reassured the man about a deal he wanted to make with him. The man was to pledge his soul and that of his future offspring in exchange for good luck in the form of making his toy shop the most successful in London. This included acquiring the power to create amazing toys of his own.

The soul pledge isn’t the same as selling one’s soul. It’s however enough for an entity of evil to gain lifetime access to it for nefarious ends. The Leprechaun in question was actually a Clurichaun of darkness. Clurichauns are former Leprechauns with warped demonic DNA caused by making their own deals with demons! The little imp utilized a magical Glamour to disguise his true hideous form! Only Santa could see through the deception. The misguided man finally decided to sign a parchment blood contract. The sealing of a dark deal of damnation that would indeed make the man successful in the toy industry. Unfortunately in every other facet of his life and that of his family, there would be rampant bad luck. Magnificent misfortune the Clurichaun would feed off of to fuel his pot of gilded gold.

Just as the store owner was about to sign the document in his own blood Santa burst in and screamed, “No my Son! Don’t do it!” Both the man and the little imp were startled. Santa exclaimed this wasn’t a Leprechaun but rather an emissary of Satan! Santa waved his hand from which a glowing white light shined upon the Clurichaun. It destroyed the Glamour thus revealing the true form of this tiny trickster. The store owner yelped in shock as he witnessed the horror of the Clurichaun’s real visage! The little blasphemous beast let loose an unholy roar amid his eyes glowing eerily green. He shoved the man against the wall causing him to fall forcibly to the floor! The Clurichaun then proceeded to lunge at Santa with sharp teeth exposed as he snarled in anger! Before he reached Santa two Elves sprung out of nowhere and tackled the unholy Leprechaun. They were Santa’s Secret Service Agents. They generally remain hidden when Father Christmas is in public.

Two tiny, yet muscular, Elves wearing sunglasses and little business suits struggled with the squirmy Clurichaun for a minute while Santa tended to the fallen man. The Elves finally got the diminutive devil under control and placed him in solid gold cuffs of luck they got from Leprechauns. Elf Agents carry various restraints to deal with all manner of supernatural beings. One of the Elves spoke into a mic in his sleeve and said, “Threat contained! Add to Naughty List!” The Elves contacted Leprechauns in Ireland who showed up minutes later on a transport rainbow to take the Clurichaun away. They look to rehabilitate these former Leprechauns gone bad. If that fails then they remain in a gold-barred prison of unbreakable luck at the secret Leprechaun Capital.

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Santa healed the store owner and explained the entire sinister situation. Just to be safe he burned the contract in a nearby iron stove furnace. Father Christmas then gave the man words of encouragement and made him realize that tons of money doesn’t make success alone. He should find joy in his work and making kids happy with his wonderful toys. Before leaving Saint Nicholas blessed the establishment leaving behind an enchantment of The Christmas Spirit. That Christmas of 1913 found the toy store tripling its business as the owner found renewed contentment in his life. In later years he invented some innovative toys that made him rich. He donated a great deal of it to poverty-stricken individuals this spreading forth the magic of The Christmas Spirit.🎅

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